Luxury Yacht Charter: Virgin Islands

usvi yacht charterProposed Virgin Island (USVI) Sailing Itinerary:
Day 1: Cast off from Road Town, Tortola...
Your luxury yacht charter sets sail at around noon after you have unpacked and settled into your new environment. Deadman’s Bay on Peter Island is a short sail away where you can jump into the gorgeous waters of the Caribbean; swim ashore to the beautiful sandy beach on Peter Island, or dinghy across. After exploring Peter Island, sit back and enjoy a meal as you motor around the point to Little Harbor or isolated Great Harbor for the night.
Day 2: Sail up the Sir Francis Drake Channel…
You are your crew will set sail for Beef Island and the up the Sir Francis Drake Channel. Anchor at Marina Cay and go ashore to visit the famous Pusser’s restaurant and store. Relax with a drink and dinner on the island. Or head to Trellis Bay and drop anchor for a guaranteed fantastic reef snorkeling adventure in this environmentally protected snorkeling region. You’ll find rustic English-style dining and entertainment to enjoy on tiny Bellamy Cay.
Day 3: Sail east to Virgin Gorda...
Wake up to breath taking views of the open waters in the Caribbean and sail east to Virgin Gorda. Enjoy a lunch on board; at “The Baths”, before diving into crystal waters washing colorful reefs beside boulder-formed caves. Pick up a mooring ball for the day and dinghy, swim or snorkel ashore for breathtaking tours of the region as you wade through sandy pools and caves.
A northern swell prevents you from anchoring overnight in this region; so you’ll want to motor around to Spanish Town for the night. You’ll find fuel, ice, water, groceries and West Indian entertainment at nearby bars and restaurants.
Day 4: Spectacular snorkeling in Guana...
Take a leisured sail on fresh Caribbean downwind to Monkey Point on the southern end of Guana Island for a great day anchorage, full of spectacular snorkeling, nature and complete relaxation. After lunch, continue west to Cane Garden Bay on northern Tortola; famous for picture-postcard beauty and full moon parties. Dinghy ashore for ice, supplies, mini-markets and fun beach bars with steel-drum bands playing Calypso Music. While you are there sample genuine cane rum from the Callwood Distillery.This is a secure overnight anchorage in all but a strong northerly direction.
Day 5: Experience beautiful Sandy Cay...
Your Caribbean sailing charter adventure takes you to beautiful Sandy Cay; its name speaks for itself. You can swim, snorkel, kayak, or hike around the tiny sugar-white sandy island. Then head into Great Harbor on Jost Van Dyke for the night. Discover great little local shops, restaurants and bars including the famous Foxy’s Tamarind Bar and Grill serving excellent dinners on Thursday evenings; be sure to make a reservation! Ice and some groceries will be available for purchase; you will also need to check in with the “BVI Customs & Immigration Office”.
Day 6: Robert Stevenson “Treasure Island”…
Sailing to Norman Island is a long, leisurely sail where you may encounter dolphins swimming alongside your yacht, jumping in-and-out of its wake.  Norman Island is famous spot for the setting of Robert Louis Stevenson’s book, who wrote “Treasure Island”; steeped in history and legends of pirates and buried treasure. “The Bight” is a great overnight anchorage where you can enjoy some lively entertainment aboard the “Willy T”; a tall ship restaurant named after William Thornton, architect of the U.S. Capital Building.
Day 7: Dinghy or kayak ashore to the Caves...
Take your Dinghy or kayak from your yacht ashore to the Caves. The Caves are populated with breathtaking arrays of colorful tropical fish. Snorkel or dive at the Indians, a group of sharp peaks rising from the sea about a mile offshore before returning to Tortola, marking the end of your journey.

Experience, sail and enjoy the Virgin Islands like no other onboard your own private yacht. Compass Point Yacht Charter Service will assist you in securing the right vessel for your needs, and help organize your individual itinerary and shore activities.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Bahamas

bahamas yacht charterProposed Bahamas Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrive at Treasure Cay...
When you arrive in Treasure Cay you can get all of your necessities out of the way before you set sail for Great Guana Cay; the largest of the offshore cays stretching 7 miles. After sailing for about 2 hours you’ll arrive at a secluded island hideaway with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Fewer than 100 people inhabit the island. We suggest you anchor in the harbor here, dinghy ashore and spend the remainder of the day exploring the town, the beach, and having drinks at Nippers.
Day 2: Picturesque village at Man-O-War
Set sail for Man-O-War, a small cay south of Great Guana, well known for its wooden boat-building industry. It is worth heading to shore to explore the picturesque village with its colorful houses and quaint paths. The majority of locals walks or bicycles around the island. Alcoholic beverages are neither sold nor served on Man-O-War, and the accepted dress code is more stringent than anywhere else in the Abacos. Most of the 100 inhabitants are direct descendants of Revolutionary Loyalists. If you take care to respect the local customs this island will reward you with peace and beauty.
Day 3: The charming islands of the Abacos
We recommend heading to Elbow Cay, one of the most charming islands in the Abacos. Even though it’s just a short sail from Man-O-War, the main settlement of Hopetown resembles a quaint New England village. The harbor is surrounded by restaurants and shops.
Standing guard is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the world; a red-and-white striped landmark that was built by the British Imperial Lighthouse Service in 1863. It still uses a wind-up brass mechanism, and its light beam can be seen at night for more than twenty miles.
Contrast this boldly colored lighthouse with Hopetown's charming turn-of-the-century homes all painted in pastels. The beach has powdery pink sand and is protected by an extensive reef, abundant and absolutely glorious. If you are interested in snorkeling you can easily reach this gorgeous reef.
Day 4: Abaco is filled with turtles and dolphin
Head southward and enjoy the open water as you sail to the eastern tip of Great Abaco Island; a lovely, protected anchorage called Little Harbor. This area is filled with turtles and dolphin coming to feed in the protected waters. A lighthouse guards the rocky shore and the ocean passage to the east. For a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, climb to the top of the lighthouse.
Randolph Johnson founded an art colony here in 1950; it is now home to his unique foundry and gallery. After a long day on the Sea of Abaco you will appreciate Pete's Pub; a fun, open air beach bar that seems to attract characters from all over the world. Drop your anchor here and stay awhile.
Day 5: Sand dollars and rare shells
Traveling slowly northward toward Treasure Cay; making stops along the way at Lynyard Cay, Sandy Cay and Tiloo Bank- the only bank in the Abacos. Tilloo is fascinating as it is a living organism, covered with sand dollars and rare shells. The snorkeling here takes place in 3-4 feet of crystal-clear water over white sand and is breathtakingly beautiful. You will spend at least a few minutes here soaking up the splendor and wondering how you could ever leave…
Day 6: A day full of relaxing and exploring
We always recommend a “cooling-out” day at the end of the journey. It helps get you back into the swing of life among the landlocked. You can arrive at Treasure Cay by mid-morning and just relax and explore. Treasure Cay has one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, 3 1/2 miles of white sand and turquoise water for your enjoyment. You can also do some shopping in Treasure Cay, where you will find a wonderful selection of perfumes, jewelry, watches, Cuban cigars, island clothing and, of course, Bahamian art and handicraft.

The Abacos is an entire chain of enchanting islands sitting in the midst of a warm, calm sea making it one of the world's best sailing and cruising areas. Considered to be the sailing capital of the Bahamas since Colonial times, making the area a boater's paradise! The coastline is scalloped with bays, coves and protected harbors featuring full-service marinas and resorts. The large island also acts like a mainland, with a long string of barrier islands lying off its East Coast. The Sea of Abaco is a brilliant-blue body of water that is fairly shallow and protected but still large enough to offer miles and miles of sailing and exploring fun.

Luxury Yacht Charter: St Lucia

st lucia yacht charterPart of the Windward’s Islands; St Lucia has a lush tropical island with rainforests, secluded coves, gorgeous white sandy beaches, and soaring Pitons. A well-developed English speaking Caribbean island offering excellent marina’s and dining options. St Lucia is perfect for hiking and sightseeing, we highly recommend renting a car and exploring this island. The most popular attractions are the plantation rainforest tours.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Martinique

martinique yacht charterThe Locals called Martinique, Madinina Island of Flowers. It is the largest of the Windward Islands. Martinique has been French since it was colonized. Chartering a yacht in Martinique will offer wonderful options for both secluded and busy anchorages; you may choose bays with fashionable resorts, sleepy waterfront villages or sail upon deserted bays with excellent snorkeling.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Leeward Island

leeward island yacht charterThe Leeward and Windward islands make up the Caribbean islands group of the Lesser Antilles. The islands have high year-round temperatures making it one of the most popular tourists, and yachting travel destinations in the World. If you are searching for the perfect, tropical Caribbean island paradise; then The Leeward Islands is your perfect destination.
They are referred to as "leeward” because the prevailing winds in the area blow from the east. Thus these islands are downwind from, or leeward of, the southeastern most Windward Islands, the group of islands that first meet the trade winds.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Grenada & Carriacou

grenada yacht charterCarriacou “The island with one hundred rum shops and only one gasoline station” Many new restaurants and facilities have emerged on Carracou. Over several years bareboat yacht companies have been emerging making this destination a great starting point for your charter adventure. Point of interest for a spectacular view is the hospital that sits high on the mountain overlooking the harbor. Take part of your day and hire a taxi to explore this enchanting island.

Luxury Yacht Charter: San Juan Islands

san juan island yacht charterProposed San Juan Islands Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1 Set sail for Spencer Spit State Park
Set sail from the base to Spencer Spit State Park. This is a 130 Acre Park on Lopez Island, it has several mooring buoys and affords good holding. Check the weather and stop on the leeward side of the spit.
Day 2: Shopping and dining spots
Head to Friday Island one of the most popular tourist destinations. The island community is one of the best spots for shopping and dining ashore. This port offers transient moorage for your night stay.
Day 3: Islands' most picturesque locations
Sail to one of the island most picturesque locations of Roche Harbor. Originally a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post, today Roche Harbor is a scenic yachtsman resort. Once settled enjoy a cocktail and watch the famous sunset flag ceremony.
Day 4: Enjoy a scenic stroll on Stuart Island
Reid Harbor at Stuart Island not only affords 360 degrees of protection but also boasts a comforting number of mooring buoys and floats. This is an excellent place for the hikers in the crew to enjoy a scenic stroll.
Day 5: A magical spot with numerous bays
Sail out early and stop so you have enough time to explore Sucia Island; voted the best Park in the San Juan Islands. It’s a magical spot with numerous bays to explore wither by dinghy or land.
Day 6: Resort offers history and scenery
Head toward the base of Mt. Constitution at the Rosario Resort. A mansion once belonging to Seattle legend Robert Moran, this waterside resort offers history, beautiful scenery, dine ashore and relax at the Resort’s spa.
Day 7: Sail to Cypress Island for your final day
Cypress Island is a rugged island and the low lying island of Guemes.

Long before Spanish and English sailors explored this vast myriad of islands, the San Juan Islands lured adventurous mariners seeking a special place. Comprised of hundreds of islands ranging from the small rocky outcrops to large forest-clad and mountainous masses; it is impossible to see everything in week long yacht charter.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Florida

florida yacht charterProposed Florida Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Relax, take a swim or go snorkeling
Leave Miami sailing south and cross Biscayne Bay using the Inner Coastal Waterway; head for the Feather Bank channel. You will anchor at Elliot Key, part of the National Park system; relax here and take a swim, go snorkeling or explore the Park. If you love to you will want to be in the Sands Cut for an incoming tide.
Day 2: Follow the Inner Coastal Waterways
Proceed south, continuing along the Inner Coastal Waterway route through the Cutter Bank channel to Pumpkin Key. At this point, you will cross over to the ocean side of the Keys chain through Angelfish Creek. Go south on Hawk Channel to Marina del Mar on Key Largo or anchor on the lee side of Rodriguez Key. Relax and enjoy the ocean air and cool breeze.
Day 3: Fine dining at Key Largo
There is a lot to do in Key Largo; from relaxing  with beautiful views, diving, snorkeling in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, swimming or hanging out in the two pools in the Marina. Key Largo has a good collection of fine dining choices so make sure you take advantage of the local restaurants.
Day 4: Anchor or tie up at Islamorada Marina
Head South on Hawk Channel to Snake Creek, and cross back over to Florida Bay on the inside of the Keys chain. Follow the Waterway markers northeast and then southeast to Cowpens Bay where you can either anchor or tie up at Islamorada Municipal Marina. There is a great new swimming pool at this marina and the flats' fishing is superb on Florida Bay. You can reserve some time on a fishing charter for a few hours here as well. Fishing is best in the early morning so plan accordingly.
Day 5: Everyone is on island time here
Tear yourself away from Islamorada and head back to Snake Creek, under the bridge and through to the Hawk Channel side and go south to the Channel Five bridge. Actually you can go down on the inside as well and you wind up at the same place. Anchor in Long Key Bight or proceed further south to Duck Key where you can pull into Hawks Key resort and Marina. Here you are a hop-skip and a jump away from Marathon, in the Middle Keys. There is fine dining, three good marine stores and several shipyards. These islands are small and a look to the right and left presents you with the ocean. Everyone is on island time here, so prepare to really relax and move slowly.
Day 6: We suggest you take the scenic route
We suggest you take the scenic route and go back on the inside channel to reach Pumpkin Key or even Elliott Key. You will be able to make it in one well-traveled day. You can overnight in either place. If you don't quite make it, anchor anywhere nice along the way but remember you must anchor outside of the channel.
Day 7: Spend the night at No Name Harbor
Take your time getting back across Biscayne Bay. Check out Stiltsville where Miami residents still play on long weekends, and ogle Nixon's Key Biscayne residence, spend the night at No Name Harbor and roll back into Miami the following day. Miami is such a fantastic town with so much to do, you might want to spend some time roving the streets and catching the nightlife. Try Latin dancing till dawn. The food is a creative blend of Latin and American influences.

Miami, Ft Lauderdale, St Petersburg and Key West are all in relative proximity to each other. Florida and the keys makes for a close tropical destination for United States residents and a sort after vacation spot for international travelers.

Luxury Yacht Charter: New England

lighthouse yacht charterThe northeastern corner of the United States consisting of the six states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, Canada and the state of New York; and it has the only non-geographic regional name recognized by the federal government. Sailing the North American region offers diverse sailing conditions. Chartering a motor yacht or sailing yacht in North America will allow easy access for both long term or short term sailing vacations.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Greek Island

greese greek island yacht charterChartering a yacht to the Greek islands offers an exceptional once in a life time sailing experience. We recommend spending a few days in Athens to explore the amazing and historical culture before boarding your yacht. The yacht charter season starts April and ends in November. The high season period is from late July until early September.

Sailing in the high season...
The most crowded sailing areas will be Corfu, Lefkas and the Saronic.
 You will also find a lot of non-sailing tourists on the popular islands of Mykonos, Ios, Santorini, Kos, Rhodes, Lesvos, etc.
 In the Aegean Sea the strong Meltemi (dry wind blowing from the north ) could not only be a nuisance but also a hazard for sailors.
 Yacht charters will be about 10% more expensive.
 You will have more choice of cabin charters, flotillas and charter flights.

Sailing in April, May and June...
Witness an abundance of flowers and lush green vegetation due to the spring rains of March. This particularly concerns the Cyclades and Dodecanese, which will gradually turn dry and barren during the high yacht charter season. Despite losing some of its freshness and most of the flowers, the Ionian and Northern Aegean islands will remain green and fertile throughout the whole sailing season.
 More affordable yacht charters are common
 Fewer charter yachts and more space in ports and available anchorages.
 In the Ionian, the Maistro delivers steady reliable winds; much like in the Aegean where there are no strong Meltemi winds yet.

Sailing Greece in September and October…
Fewer yachts and tourists: Especially in the popular areas of the Ionian Sea and around Athens the amount of tourists will drop dramatically after the first week(s) of September.
 Steady winds in the Ionian (Maistro wind) and no Meltemi winds in the Aegean.
 More affordable yacht charters are common
 Seawater with tropical temperatures, 28-30 °C (83-87 °F). Ideal for swimming at beaches, snorkeling at anchorages and diving.

Chartering a yacht in Greece is an excellent way to travel around the Mediterranean while exploring Greece, the Greek Islands and discover the beauty and culture of the country.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Croatia

croatia yacht charterCroatia is an absolutely stunning place to charter a yacht with so many islands, history and culture to explore you can simply not see it all in one visit. The eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea belongs to Croatia but is really nothing more than a series of islands. The islands still retain that sense of remoteness that suggests a place that time forgot. There are just over 1,000 bays and harbors each filled with berths and anchorages to spend the night. A truly magical place to vacation, especially for the yachting enthusiast.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Turkey (Gocek via Kekova)

turkey yacht charterProposed Gocek/Kekova Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Cruise picturesque Skopea Liman
Board your yacht in Gocek and cruise through picturesque Skopea Liman to Ruin Bay. Swim and snorkel around the ruins at Byzantine monastery which lays partly submerged in the bay. You can take a short hike to ancient ruins on the hills above. After your day time adventure head out and enjoy a traditional Turkish meal at a small restaurant in Ruin Bay.
Day 2: Explore ruins that cover an island
Sit back and enjoy an afternoon sailing to Gemiler Island. Anchor and go ashore to explore the Byzantine ruins which literally cover the island. These ruins include a covered walkway leading to the water’s edge and a church with partially excavated mosaic floors. Just before sunset make your way to the summit and enjoy the magnificent sun disappear beyond the horizon. Stay overnight at Gemiler Island and enjoy a dinner ashore with the locals.
Day 3: A town overlooking the Mediterranean
Sail past the Seven Caps and the long sandy beach of Patara Kalkan. Arrive at Kalkan in the early afternoon; a pretty coastal town set on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. Once moored in the small harbor, take a walk through the narrow streets where bougainvillea and jasmines spill from the balconies and the local vendors selling an amazing variety of quality merchandise. Enjoy and excursion to Xanthos, Patara and Letoon. Dine ashore or enjoy a meal prepared by your chef.
Day 4: The “Sunken City" crystal waters”
Sail further east to the region known as Kekova Roads where you can discover Kekova island and Kale Koy. The “Sunken City” is located off Kekova Island, the water is so crystal clear its possible to make out the outlines of the buildings in the Sunken City. Teimiussa boasts ancient ruins in quaint village with a charming atmosphere. In Kale Koy take an uphill hike through the meandering streets to the medieval fortress for the ultimate view of the most beautiful stretch of coastline.
Day 5: Myra famous wall of rock tomb
After breakfast on board and a quick refreshing morning swim, depart for the ancient port of Andraki. From here it is possible to take a short overland trip to ancient Myra and the nearby town of Demre. The site of Myra is famous for its wall of rock tomb. After experiencing a day of sightseeing ashore return to the yacht and spend the night in Gokkaya Harbor.
Day 6: Relax at harbor side café
Sailing back in the direction of Gocek, stop for lunch at Asar Bay, the sight of ancient Aperial, where you can snorkel over the ruins of the quay and harbor streets, which now lie under the water. Continue west to Kas, take a tender boat ashore and visit the theatre of ancient Antiphellos before returning to the busy little town, shop for some souvenirs or relax in the harbor side café. Experience dining ashore before returning to the yacht anchored in an adjacent bay.
Day 7: Visit the fresco of St. Christopher
An early morning departure from Karacaoren, a delightful reef-fringed bay with an outlying island on which a church and several crypts can be seen. One of these crypts contains a remarkably well-preserved fresco of St. Christopher. The crystal clear waters of the bay provide excellent snorkeling and swimming.
Day 8: Sail across the bay in the early morning
An early morning start for the sail across the Bay of Fethiye and into Gocek Harbor for disembarkation.

Turkey is known as the Turquoise Coast it is a land blessed with a wealth of countless natural wonders, a long and fascinating history and richness of culture proudly upheld by the hospitable Turkish people. One of the most imaginative ways to enjoy the historical and cultural delights of the Turkish Coast is to charter a yacht and experience the magnificent coast.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Turkey (Marmaris to Gocek)

turkey yacht charter2Proposed Marmaris to Gocek Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Enjoy lunch beneath the Amos ruins
Board the yacht in Marmaris and set sail for Kuml. Enjoy lunch beneath the ruins of ancient Amos in beautiful surroundings. Go ashore and stroll the site of ancient Amos, or stay aboard and take in the clear waters and long pebble beach. Dinghy ashore and dine under the stars.
Day 2: Spend the evening ashore
Set sail south to Bozukale and anchor beneath the Helenistic citadel of ancient Loryma, where trade ships heading north and south along the coast once took refuge. Head ashore to visit the ruins of the once great city, including the acropolis, and witness the spectacular view of the Agean Bozbunn a former sponge fishing village located at the head of the bay. The bay is surrounded by rocky hills, this is a charming port to spend the evening ashore.
Day 3: Sailing the Gulf of Hiraians
Spend the day cruising the scenic Gulf of Hiraians and take in some of the delightful anchorages for snorkeling and swimming. After lunch sail to Seleniye, formally Greek but is now home to the descendants of Turkish. Anchor alongside one of the small jetties in the bay and enjoy a dinner of fresh fish and other seafood delicacies.
Day 4: A quiet cove to relax in the afternoon
After breakfast make headway to Nenick and find a quiet cove surrounded by landscape of green pine and red rocks and relax in the afternoon. Sail into the bay of Othariye surrounded by wooded mountains. Go ashore and visit a Bysitine set in an interesting natural sand spot extending halfway across the bay and lying just one foot under water. Dine ashore in this small quaint village.
Day 5: Take an Olive Farm Tour
Stroll ashore to the village of Orhariye for the morning and return to the yacht and set sail to Datca, a small port town with a wonderful selection of souvenir shops. Take a tour of “The Olive Farm” and sample some of the fabulous olive oil varieties made on the premises.
Day 6: A beautiful evening in a historic town
Head south in the Harbor of Knidos an important port in the ancient trade route. Around the 4th Century BC visitors came from far and wide to see the Greek sculptures, Pantelise nude statue of Aphrodite the first tourist attraction in the world. Spend the evening in this beautiful and historic town.
Day 7: A final day of cruising...
A final day of cruising around the Loruma Pennisula with a stop at, Direk after lunch.

Turkey is known as the Turquoise Coast it is a land blessed with a wealth of countless natural wonders, a long and fascinating history and richness of culture proudly upheld by the hospitable Turkish people. One of the most imaginative ways to enjoy the historical and cultural delights of the Turkish Coast is to charter a yacht and experience the magnificent coast.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Tahiti, Raiatea

tahiti yacht charterProposed Tahiti, Raiatea Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Meet the crew, sail to Moorea Island
You will be welcomed aboard and shown the yacht, meet the crew and invited to relax. Your first sail will be to cross over to Moorea Island; roughly 3 hours away. You will be mooring in Cook's Bay, for dinner and swimming at night while at anchor.
Day 2: Half day safari or archaeological site...
It is a short ride to Opunohu bay (Moorea) where you may choose to go on a half day Safari excursion with a guide to see Belvedere, the pineapple road, or visit archaeological Polynesian sites. You can also enjoy water-based activities, such as swimming and beachcombing.
Day 3: Amazing underwater sights
Enjoy nautical activities in Moorea: snorkelling parties, kayak rides, swimming with sharks and sting rays. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera as the underwater sights are out of this world! Have dinner on board and enjoy the sunset before you cruise into the open sea for night navigation to Huahine Island (90 nautical miles).
Day 4: Breakfast on board your private yacht
Have breakfast on board your yacht in the Huahine island lagoon, then stop and visit Fare, the main village of Huahine island. Enjoy lunch and a short navigation of one hour inside the lagoon, south of Huahine. Spend the afternoon having fun with sea kayaks or beachcombing.
Day 5: Famous snorkelling spot
Discovering Avea Bay’s famous snorkelling spot and all around appreciation of the natural surroundings. Another day spent in paradise!
Day 6: Visit breath-taking botanic gardens
After breakfast on board, sail to Raiatea (4 hours) where you will be mooring in Faaroa Bay. We highly recommend seeing the Faaroa River by dinghy and visiting the breath-taking botanic garden. An experience to last a lifetime.
Day 7: The largest archaeological Polynesian
Take a quick sail across to the Raiatea lagoon. You can spend time shopping in Uturoa and its local market, or consider a half day guided tour of Raiatea to see the largest archaeological Polynesian site, Taputapuatea. Have lunch on board and sail to Tahaa Island, situated in the same lagoon. Visit a pearl farm there that will make you fall in love with the large pearls of the area. Then consider dinner and an evening in a restaurant with a local Polynesian show.
Day 8: Take a guide to visit the vanilla plantations
Spend the day at Hurepiti bay and enjoy water-based activities from your yacht. We also suggest taking a guide to visit the vanilla plantations. You will get to enjoy a full day of discovery on this lovely island and never think of a vanilla shake again without recalling this time.
Day 9: Bora-Bora, the best views in the world
Sail to Bora Bora for the best views in the world! Bora-Bora is only a 4 hour sailing trip away and has the greatest lagoon of French Polynesia. Once you arrive, slip into the cool waters for a refreshing swim.
Day 10: Discover the underwater riches of Bora-Bora
Discover the underwater wonderland of Bora-Bora. There are sharks, turtles and tropical fish galore all worth watching. Take short navigations around the lagoon and explore the reef barrier, go snorkelling in the coral garden to capture with some fantastic pictures that will amaze your friends.
Day 11: Bid a fond farewell to your crew
Set sail for Vaitape Pier where you will off load and bid a fond farewell to your crew. Enjoy the rest of the day on the island before you head home.

Raiatea, the “sacred island”, is regarded as the cradle of all Polynesian civilizations. The island has very impressive archeological remains and evokes a sense of beauty and mystery at every turn. Located 220 km northwest of Tahiti, inside a large lagoon. Raiatea is the largest and highest of the Leeward Islands. Beaches are indeed rare in Raiatea, but this does not diminish the island's charm. When you charter a bareboat, or luxury crewed sailboat you can explore the lagoon with the freedom and ease that resort guests can’t even imagine.  Take in lush scenery and vistas and snorkel in spots not accessible to the average vacationer.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Australia

australia yacht charterProposed Australia Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Waterfalls, caves & aboriginal paintings
Sail to the Nara Inlet on the northern side of Hook Island for the best protected anchorage in the islands. It has a rich culture with natural and ancient sites including lovely waterfalls, Aboriginal caves and ancient rock paintings.
Day 2: Sail across the Whitsunday Passage
Sail across the Whitsunday Passage and anchor in Cid Harbor. This location is quiet and peaceful with wonderful wildlife, bush walks and delicious rock oysters. For the really adventurous there is a grueling and rewarding hike to Whitsunday peak.
Day 3: Swim, windsurf and relax
Set sail for the spectacular Whitehaven Beach and enjoy miles of soft, white silica sand beaches where you can swim, windsurf and relax.
Day 4: Sail to Hamilton for fresh supplies
Experience a change of pace in the busy marina of Hamilton Island. Stock up with fresh supplies or to top up water tanks. Have fun at one of the many local restaurants, bars, or souvenir shops at Trader Pete's which seems to have every tacky bit of tourist memorabilia you can image. Hamilton Island is also home to the largest resort in the islands; if you want to clean up and hit the resort life, this is your chance.
Day 5: Border Island for great snorkeling
With the trade winds on your beam; reach up to Cataran Bay on Border Island for great snorkeling.
Day 6: Use your dinghy for onshore visits
A short sail takes you across to Butterfly Bay, on Hook Island, for more exploring. This bay offers some of the best snorkeling in the islands but there are limited public moorings and fishing is prohibited here. You will have to use your dinghy for onshore visits.
Day 7: Spend your last evening in paradise
Take a leisurely cruise around the Hayman Island area or southwards across the Whitsunday Passage to South Molle Island or Palm Bay. Palm Bay is an exclusive spot with only 8 places to anchor, but it is lovely and a wonderful place to spend your last evening in paradise.

The Whitsundays are a group of islands located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in the tropic waters off Australia. The 74 islands in the group are the mostly uninhabited National Parks although there are a few homes and resorts in the area. They are cooled by the trade winds for most of the year and have an excellent year-round climate. The waters are protected by the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef and most islands are surrounded by a fringing reef system. There is a great deal to explore here; the islands offer unsurpassed beauty it makes for a rich experience for the vacationing yacht charter.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Thailand Phuket

thailand yacht charterProposed Thailand-Phuket Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Board your yacht at Yacht Haven
Board your crewed or bareboat yacht located at Yacht Haven in the North East of Phuket and boarding for the night.
Day 2: Some of the most beautiful islands
Sail to the south, passing some of the most beautiful islands imaginable such as Koh Ka and Koh Racha Yaï where we will make anchor for the evening. Enjoy magnificent splendid sunsets; sunsets tend to be better between the November to April months.
Day 3 and 4: Two day sailing to Koh Rok-Nok
Wake up enjoy a lovely breakfast and sail towards Koh Rok-Nok, which will be our longest trip. Relax here for two days, swimming around in beautiful crystal clear waters where you can also participate in some impressive snorkeling. The coral reef is exceptionally beautiful in this place surrounded by white sandy beaches or take a nature walk in one of the rain forests.
Day 5: One of a small group of islands
Anchoring at Koh Ha Yaï, which is one of a small group of islands out in the ocean. With cliffs jetting out into the sea here you will find a beautiful white sandy beaches; only between November to April.
Day 6 and 7: Top reputable islands of the world
From Koh Ha Yaï head towards Koh Pee-Pee, classified as one of the three most reputed island of the world with its magnificent views and one of the most beautiful of beaches namely Maya Bay. Anchor overnight at the Maya Bay; only from November to April.
Day 8: Walk from one island to another!
From Koh Pee-Pee, we will set sail to Ao Nang or Ralay, situated on the coast of Krabi. Stopover in Koh Kaï where the low tide will enable you to walk from one island to another. Outstanding beaches each one more beautiful than the other…
Day 9 and 10: Secret lagoons, crystal clear waters
Excellent anchorages are to be found at the prestigious Phang Nga Bay. Secret lagoons, crystal clear waters together with the unspoilt beauty of this magical bay will be an unforgettable way end to your sailing vacation.
Day 11: Head back to port
Although your journey has come to an end you can still have a great time onboard with the crew and relaxing on your private yacht.

Under a fine tropical climate (25° to 32°), the beaches are palm fringed, with pristine white sand, crystal refreshing waters and superb coral reefs. Chartering a yacht in Phuket is the ideal tropical gateway with hundreds of islands, miles-and-miles of beaches, creeks and headlands meeting the sea; cruising in Thailand will astound you with her beauty. The Thai People are renowned for their friendliness, magnificent cuisine and culture, and have earned the title of Asia’s premier cruising destination.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Malaysia, Langkawi

malaysia yacht charterHome to a diversity of amazing landscapes, rainforests, mountains, beaches and rivers; South East Asia is a culturally diverse region where hundreds of languages and dialects can sometimes be found in a single country and all of the major world religions are practiced alongside many indigenous beliefs. Discover bustling cities, remote hilltop villages, rickshaws, rice fields, bicycles, temples, sample the local cuisine at small markets knowing that countless locals will welcome you along your journey throughout the region.

Malaysia Langkawi:
Langkawi is a great starting point for your sailing adventure with natural white sand beaches, lush jungle foliage and craggy mountain peaks, the island has been called Malaysia's best-kept secret. Before you head off to explore the neighboring islands make sure you don’t miss out on some of the top spots on the island.