Crewed Yacht: Starship
Guests/ Passengers: 10
Cabins: 5
Crew: 9


Crewed Catamaran: Vision
Guests/ Passengers: 8
Cabins: 4
Crew: 2


Crewed Catamaran: Hypnautic
Guests/ Passengers: 6
Cabins: 3
Crew: 2


Luxury Yacht Charter: Thailand Phuket

thailand yacht charterProposed Thailand-Phuket Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Board your yacht at Yacht Haven
Board your crewed or bareboat yacht located at Yacht Haven in the North East of Phuket and boarding for the night.
Day 2: Some of the most beautiful islands
Sail to the south, passing some of the most beautiful islands imaginable such as Koh Ka and Koh Racha Yaï where we will make anchor for the evening. Enjoy magnificent splendid sunsets; sunsets tend to be better between the November to April months.
Day 3 and 4: Two day sailing to Koh Rok-Nok
Wake up enjoy a lovely breakfast and sail towards Koh Rok-Nok, which will be our longest trip. Relax here for two days, swimming around in beautiful crystal clear waters where you can also participate in some impressive snorkeling. The coral reef is exceptionally beautiful in this place surrounded by white sandy beaches or take a nature walk in one of the rain forests.
Day 5: One of a small group of islands
Anchoring at Koh Ha Yaï, which is one of a small group of islands out in the ocean. With cliffs jetting out into the sea here you will find a beautiful white sandy beaches; only between November to April.
Day 6 and 7: Top reputable islands of the world
From Koh Ha Yaï head towards Koh Pee-Pee, classified as one of the three most reputed island of the world with its magnificent views and one of the most beautiful of beaches namely Maya Bay. Anchor overnight at the Maya Bay; only from November to April.
Day 8: Walk from one island to another!
From Koh Pee-Pee, we will set sail to Ao Nang or Ralay, situated on the coast of Krabi. Stopover in Koh Kaï where the low tide will enable you to walk from one island to another. Outstanding beaches each one more beautiful than the other…
Day 9 and 10: Secret lagoons, crystal clear waters
Excellent anchorages are to be found at the prestigious Phang Nga Bay. Secret lagoons, crystal clear waters together with the unspoilt beauty of this magical bay will be an unforgettable way end to your sailing vacation.
Day 11: Head back to port
Although your journey has come to an end you can still have a great time onboard with the crew and relaxing on your private yacht.

Under a fine tropical climate (25° to 32°), the beaches are palm fringed, with pristine white sand, crystal refreshing waters and superb coral reefs. Chartering a yacht in Phuket is the ideal tropical gateway with hundreds of islands, miles-and-miles of beaches, creeks and headlands meeting the sea; cruising in Thailand will astound you with her beauty. The Thai People are renowned for their friendliness, magnificent cuisine and culture, and have earned the title of Asia’s premier cruising destination.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Malaysia, Langkawi

malaysia yacht charterHome to a diversity of amazing landscapes, rainforests, mountains, beaches and rivers; South East Asia is a culturally diverse region where hundreds of languages and dialects can sometimes be found in a single country and all of the major world religions are practiced alongside many indigenous beliefs. Discover bustling cities, remote hilltop villages, rickshaws, rice fields, bicycles, temples, sample the local cuisine at small markets knowing that countless locals will welcome you along your journey throughout the region.

Malaysia Langkawi:
Langkawi is a great starting point for your sailing adventure with natural white sand beaches, lush jungle foliage and craggy mountain peaks, the island has been called Malaysia's best-kept secret. Before you head off to explore the neighboring islands make sure you don’t miss out on some of the top spots on the island.