Crewed Catamaran: Matau
Guests/ Passengers: 8
Cabins: 4
Crew: 4


Crewed Yacht: Diamond Girl
Guests/ Passengers: 8
Cabins: 4
Crew: 4


Crewed Gulets: Papa Joe 
Guests/ Passengers: 10
Cabins: 5
Crew: 6


Luxury Yacht Charter: Grenada & Carriacou

grenada yacht charterCarriacou “The island with one hundred rum shops and only one gasoline station” Many new restaurants and facilities have emerged on Carracou. Over several years bareboat yacht companies have been emerging making this destination a great starting point for your charter adventure. Point of interest for a spectacular view is the hospital that sits high on the mountain overlooking the harbor. Take part of your day and hire a taxi to explore this enchanting island.

Known as the “Isle of Spice”; a beautiful island with lush green mountains, crystal waterfalls, golden beaches and the fragrance of spice trees makes this a desirable yacht charter destination. Rent a car or take an island tour and discover the natural wonders of this agricultural wonderland. The island even has its own organic chocolate factory, established by a yachting enthusiast.

Grand Mal:
The water is clean and the long beaches are perfect for taking a stroll. Dining ashore will allow you and your crew to taste the local flavor with reasonable prices. Visit the Tropicana in town which hangs out over the water and you can dine in the open air. Dinghy docks are available to tie up a nice place for a one night stay. Generally a well-protected anchorage.

St. George:
This is a busy place and a great location to purchase provisions. Foodland Grocery store is on the island offering full air conditioning with and excellent supply of typical items you would find in a modern grocery store. If you enter St. George from the north, the harbor entrance remains hidden until you reach it; on your left you will see Fort George…you can tie right up to its own dinghy dock.

Grand Anse:
A beautiful 2 mile white-gold sandy beach waits you, framed with shady palm and almond trees. Land your dinghy and check out the local shopping and take a bus ride to Spice Island Boatyard. Dining in Grand Anse can be a difficult choice with so many wonderful restaurants to choose from. For divers try Boss Reef better done as a drift dive with a dive shop. This reef will offers amazing coral variety.

True Blue:
Just west of Prickly Bay this is a beautiful bay; colorful and clean, making it a lovely anchorage for the evening. The island is “yachtie” friendly and has a dinghy dock adjacent to the small marina. A lovely casual waterfront restaurant and bar will delight you and your crew for the evening.

Prickly Bay:
Easy to enter but don’t get careless, a reef lies in the middle and is marked by a red buoy. Anchorage is forbidden 600 feet off the beach as this is the swimming area and clearly marked with small buoys. There are an abundance of restaurants to choice from, it makes this another great spot to give the chef the night off and try the local cuisine.