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Crewed Gulets: Arielle
Guests/ Passengers: 10
Cabins: 5
Crew: 4


Crewed Monohulls: Peggybank
Guests/ Passengers: 2
Cabins: 1
Crew: 1


Crewed Yacht: Tigers Eye
Guests/ Passengers: 9
Cabins: 4
Crew: 4


Luxury Yacht Charter: Turkey (Gocek via Kekova)

turkey yacht charterProposed Gocek/Kekova Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Cruise picturesque Skopea Liman
Board your yacht in Gocek and cruise through picturesque Skopea Liman to Ruin Bay. Swim and snorkel around the ruins at Byzantine monastery which lays partly submerged in the bay. You can take a short hike to ancient ruins on the hills above. After your day time adventure head out and enjoy a traditional Turkish meal at a small restaurant in Ruin Bay.
Day 2: Explore ruins that cover an island
Sit back and enjoy an afternoon sailing to Gemiler Island. Anchor and go ashore to explore the Byzantine ruins which literally cover the island. These ruins include a covered walkway leading to the water’s edge and a church with partially excavated mosaic floors. Just before sunset make your way to the summit and enjoy the magnificent sun disappear beyond the horizon. Stay overnight at Gemiler Island and enjoy a dinner ashore with the locals.
Day 3: A town overlooking the Mediterranean
Sail past the Seven Caps and the long sandy beach of Patara Kalkan. Arrive at Kalkan in the early afternoon; a pretty coastal town set on a hillside overlooking the Mediterranean. Once moored in the small harbor, take a walk through the narrow streets where bougainvillea and jasmines spill from the balconies and the local vendors selling an amazing variety of quality merchandise. Enjoy and excursion to Xanthos, Patara and Letoon. Dine ashore or enjoy a meal prepared by your chef.
Day 4: The “Sunken City" crystal waters”
Sail further east to the region known as Kekova Roads where you can discover Kekova island and Kale Koy. The “Sunken City” is located off Kekova Island, the water is so crystal clear its possible to make out the outlines of the buildings in the Sunken City. Teimiussa boasts ancient ruins in quaint village with a charming atmosphere. In Kale Koy take an uphill hike through the meandering streets to the medieval fortress for the ultimate view of the most beautiful stretch of coastline.
Day 5: Myra famous wall of rock tomb
After breakfast on board and a quick refreshing morning swim, depart for the ancient port of Andraki. From here it is possible to take a short overland trip to ancient Myra and the nearby town of Demre. The site of Myra is famous for its wall of rock tomb. After experiencing a day of sightseeing ashore return to the yacht and spend the night in Gokkaya Harbor.
Day 6: Relax at harbor side café
Sailing back in the direction of Gocek, stop for lunch at Asar Bay, the sight of ancient Aperial, where you can snorkel over the ruins of the quay and harbor streets, which now lie under the water. Continue west to Kas, take a tender boat ashore and visit the theatre of ancient Antiphellos before returning to the busy little town, shop for some souvenirs or relax in the harbor side café. Experience dining ashore before returning to the yacht anchored in an adjacent bay.
Day 7: Visit the fresco of St. Christopher
An early morning departure from Karacaoren, a delightful reef-fringed bay with an outlying island on which a church and several crypts can be seen. One of these crypts contains a remarkably well-preserved fresco of St. Christopher. The crystal clear waters of the bay provide excellent snorkeling and swimming.
Day 8: Sail across the bay in the early morning
An early morning start for the sail across the Bay of Fethiye and into Gocek Harbor for disembarkation.

Turkey is known as the Turquoise Coast it is a land blessed with a wealth of countless natural wonders, a long and fascinating history and richness of culture proudly upheld by the hospitable Turkish people. One of the most imaginative ways to enjoy the historical and cultural delights of the Turkish Coast is to charter a yacht and experience the magnificent coast.

Either charters a bareboat yacht or a fully crewed yacht. The most picturesque of the cruising areas found in the southwest of the country where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean in a wonderland of ancient harbors, small coves, deserted beaches and idyllic bays.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Turkey (Marmaris to Gocek)