Luxury Yacht Charter: Turkey (Marmaris to Gocek)

turkey yacht charter2Proposed Marmaris to Gocek Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Enjoy lunch beneath the Amos ruins
Board the yacht in Marmaris and set sail for Kuml. Enjoy lunch beneath the ruins of ancient Amos in beautiful surroundings. Go ashore and stroll the site of ancient Amos, or stay aboard and take in the clear waters and long pebble beach. Dinghy ashore and dine under the stars.
Day 2: Spend the evening ashore
Set sail south to Bozukale and anchor beneath the Helenistic citadel of ancient Loryma, where trade ships heading north and south along the coast once took refuge. Head ashore to visit the ruins of the once great city, including the acropolis, and witness the spectacular view of the Agean Bozbunn a former sponge fishing village located at the head of the bay. The bay is surrounded by rocky hills, this is a charming port to spend the evening ashore.
Day 3: Sailing the Gulf of Hiraians
Spend the day cruising the scenic Gulf of Hiraians and take in some of the delightful anchorages for snorkeling and swimming. After lunch sail to Seleniye, formally Greek but is now home to the descendants of Turkish. Anchor alongside one of the small jetties in the bay and enjoy a dinner of fresh fish and other seafood delicacies.
Day 4: A quiet cove to relax in the afternoon
After breakfast make headway to Nenick and find a quiet cove surrounded by landscape of green pine and red rocks and relax in the afternoon. Sail into the bay of Othariye surrounded by wooded mountains. Go ashore and visit a Bysitine set in an interesting natural sand spot extending halfway across the bay and lying just one foot under water. Dine ashore in this small quaint village.
Day 5: Take an Olive Farm Tour
Stroll ashore to the village of Orhariye for the morning and return to the yacht and set sail to Datca, a small port town with a wonderful selection of souvenir shops. Take a tour of “The Olive Farm” and sample some of the fabulous olive oil varieties made on the premises.
Day 6: A beautiful evening in a historic town
Head south in the Harbor of Knidos an important port in the ancient trade route. Around the 4th Century BC visitors came from far and wide to see the Greek sculptures, Pantelise nude statue of Aphrodite the first tourist attraction in the world. Spend the evening in this beautiful and historic town.
Day 7: A final day of cruising...
A final day of cruising around the Loruma Pennisula with a stop at, Direk after lunch.

Turkey is known as the Turquoise Coast it is a land blessed with a wealth of countless natural wonders, a long and fascinating history and richness of culture proudly upheld by the hospitable Turkish people. One of the most imaginative ways to enjoy the historical and cultural delights of the Turkish Coast is to charter a yacht and experience the magnificent coast.

Either charters a bareboat yacht or a fully crewed yacht. The most picturesque of the cruising areas found in the southwest of the country where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean in a wonderland of ancient harbors, small coves, deserted beaches and idyllic bays.