Crewed Catamaran: Foxy Lady
Guests/ Passengers: 8
Cabins: 4
Crew: 2


Crewed Yacht: My Colors
Guests/ Passengers: 10
Cabins: 5
Crew: 8


Crewed Catamaran: Flying Ginny 
Guests/ Passengers: 8
Cabins: 4
Crew: 2


Luxury Yacht Charter: Tahiti, Raiatea

tahiti yacht charterProposed Tahiti, Raiatea Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Meet the crew, sail to Moorea Island
You will be welcomed aboard and shown the yacht, meet the crew and invited to relax. Your first sail will be to cross over to Moorea Island; roughly 3 hours away. You will be mooring in Cook's Bay, for dinner and swimming at night while at anchor.
Day 2: Half day safari or archaeological site...
It is a short ride to Opunohu bay (Moorea) where you may choose to go on a half day Safari excursion with a guide to see Belvedere, the pineapple road, or visit archaeological Polynesian sites. You can also enjoy water-based activities, such as swimming and beachcombing.
Day 3: Amazing underwater sights
Enjoy nautical activities in Moorea: snorkelling parties, kayak rides, swimming with sharks and sting rays. Don't forget to bring your underwater camera as the underwater sights are out of this world! Have dinner on board and enjoy the sunset before you cruise into the open sea for night navigation to Huahine Island (90 nautical miles).
Day 4: Breakfast on board your private yacht
Have breakfast on board your yacht in the Huahine island lagoon, then stop and visit Fare, the main village of Huahine island. Enjoy lunch and a short navigation of one hour inside the lagoon, south of Huahine. Spend the afternoon having fun with sea kayaks or beachcombing.
Day 5: Famous snorkelling spot
Discovering Avea Bay’s famous snorkelling spot and all around appreciation of the natural surroundings. Another day spent in paradise!
Day 6: Visit breath-taking botanic gardens
After breakfast on board, sail to Raiatea (4 hours) where you will be mooring in Faaroa Bay. We highly recommend seeing the Faaroa River by dinghy and visiting the breath-taking botanic garden. An experience to last a lifetime.
Day 7: The largest archaeological Polynesian
Take a quick sail across to the Raiatea lagoon. You can spend time shopping in Uturoa and its local market, or consider a half day guided tour of Raiatea to see the largest archaeological Polynesian site, Taputapuatea. Have lunch on board and sail to Tahaa Island, situated in the same lagoon. Visit a pearl farm there that will make you fall in love with the large pearls of the area. Then consider dinner and an evening in a restaurant with a local Polynesian show.
Day 8: Take a guide to visit the vanilla plantations
Spend the day at Hurepiti bay and enjoy water-based activities from your yacht. We also suggest taking a guide to visit the vanilla plantations. You will get to enjoy a full day of discovery on this lovely island and never think of a vanilla shake again without recalling this time.
Day 9: Bora-Bora, the best views in the world
Sail to Bora Bora for the best views in the world! Bora-Bora is only a 4 hour sailing trip away and has the greatest lagoon of French Polynesia. Once you arrive, slip into the cool waters for a refreshing swim.
Day 10: Discover the underwater riches of Bora-Bora
Discover the underwater wonderland of Bora-Bora. There are sharks, turtles and tropical fish galore all worth watching. Take short navigations around the lagoon and explore the reef barrier, go snorkelling in the coral garden to capture with some fantastic pictures that will amaze your friends.
Day 11: Bid a fond farewell to your crew
Set sail for Vaitape Pier where you will off load and bid a fond farewell to your crew. Enjoy the rest of the day on the island before you head home.

Raiatea, the “sacred island”, is regarded as the cradle of all Polynesian civilizations. The island has very impressive archeological remains and evokes a sense of beauty and mystery at every turn. Located 220 km northwest of Tahiti, inside a large lagoon. Raiatea is the largest and highest of the Leeward Islands. Beaches are indeed rare in Raiatea, but this does not diminish the island's charm. When you charter a bareboat, or luxury crewed sailboat you can explore the lagoon with the freedom and ease that resort guests can’t even imagine.  Take in lush scenery and vistas and snorkel in spots not accessible to the average vacationer.

Luxury Yacht Charter: Australia

australia yacht charterProposed Australia Sailing Itinerary:

Day 1: Waterfalls, caves & aboriginal paintings
Sail to the Nara Inlet on the northern side of Hook Island for the best protected anchorage in the islands. It has a rich culture with natural and ancient sites including lovely waterfalls, Aboriginal caves and ancient rock paintings.
Day 2: Sail across the Whitsunday Passage
Sail across the Whitsunday Passage and anchor in Cid Harbor. This location is quiet and peaceful with wonderful wildlife, bush walks and delicious rock oysters. For the really adventurous there is a grueling and rewarding hike to Whitsunday peak.
Day 3: Swim, windsurf and relax
Set sail for the spectacular Whitehaven Beach and enjoy miles of soft, white silica sand beaches where you can swim, windsurf and relax.
Day 4: Sail to Hamilton for fresh supplies
Experience a change of pace in the busy marina of Hamilton Island. Stock up with fresh supplies or to top up water tanks. Have fun at one of the many local restaurants, bars, or souvenir shops at Trader Pete's which seems to have every tacky bit of tourist memorabilia you can image. Hamilton Island is also home to the largest resort in the islands; if you want to clean up and hit the resort life, this is your chance.
Day 5: Border Island for great snorkeling
With the trade winds on your beam; reach up to Cataran Bay on Border Island for great snorkeling.
Day 6: Use your dinghy for onshore visits
A short sail takes you across to Butterfly Bay, on Hook Island, for more exploring. This bay offers some of the best snorkeling in the islands but there are limited public moorings and fishing is prohibited here. You will have to use your dinghy for onshore visits.
Day 7: Spend your last evening in paradise
Take a leisurely cruise around the Hayman Island area or southwards across the Whitsunday Passage to South Molle Island or Palm Bay. Palm Bay is an exclusive spot with only 8 places to anchor, but it is lovely and a wonderful place to spend your last evening in paradise.

The Whitsundays are a group of islands located at the heart of the Great Barrier Reef in the tropic waters off Australia. The 74 islands in the group are the mostly uninhabited National Parks although there are a few homes and resorts in the area. They are cooled by the trade winds for most of the year and have an excellent year-round climate. The waters are protected by the Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef and most islands are surrounded by a fringing reef system. There is a great deal to explore here; the islands offer unsurpassed beauty it makes for a rich experience for the vacationing yacht charter.