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A crewed yacht charter is when there is an experienced sailing crew onboard your yacht for the ultimate charter adventure. Your personal crew sole purpose is making sure you have the best vacation you've ever had while traveling on a yacht charter! You'll have all the amenities and comforts of home along with a personal chef who will prepare meals based on what you love to eat. Your professional crew members will take care of everything aboard your own luxury vessel. They know the best spots for snorkeling, diving, beach combing, fishing and shopping. Whether you prefer a quiet anchorage all to yourself, or a beach bar bustling with nightlife, they'll know the hotspot.

If you've never experienced the grandeur of privately crewed yacht charters, you'll be amazed to discover how affordable it is compared to ordinary cruise ships or island resort vacations without the crowds and fixed schedules!

What is the average cost to charter a yacht?

Yacht Charter pricing varies depending on time of year, type and size of yacht, bareboat or crewed, and number of people traveling. You might be surprised to know that an all-inclusive week long charters can be as low $800 per person for a group of 4 or more or $1,800 per person for a couple. All inclusive means you get a private yacht, captain and chef, additional crew members if necessary, all food (including 3 meals/day plus snacks) and all drinks (including bottled water, juices, sodas, beer, wine and liquor). You also have access to several water toys. These vary with each yacht and they typically come with the charter at no extra expense.
Yacht prices are often lower during off season months and 10% more during the Christmas and New Year periods. The listed prices do not include a crew gratuity (customarily 10-20%) if you were pleased with their service. The crew includes your captain, chef, maid, bartender, water taxi driver, tour guide and in many cases instructor who are on duty 24/7.

Do I need a passport?

Yes, you will need a passport to travel to your charter destination. Travelling to some countries may also require a visa. Check with immigration for your particular destination well before you travel.

What can we expect at basecamp?

When you arrive at the base expect to be greeted by a staff member who will introduce you to your yacht. Once you get settled, a “check out skipper” will spend approximately two hours reviewing the yacht’s mechanisms with you and perform a chart briefing for the crew.

Are there any additional charges?

Most companies will require a security deposit; this can range in price but is fully refundable upon return of yacht with no damages. This can be paid at basecamp with your credit card. Depending on your destination, you may also have mooring fees. Other fees include: customs and immigration, dockage fees, provisions, fuel and water are also part of the journey. Please contact our office so we can breakdown all the additional expenses based on your yacht type and destinations.

Do we need Travel Insurance?

We recommend you purchase trip insurance in case of unexpected delays, cancellations or unforeseen events. This is not absolutely necessary though. Cancellation insurance is highly recommended and may be required during hurricane season by some owners. You can compare policies with If you choose not to purchase trip insurance we will ask you to indicate this on your charter yacht agreement.

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