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Planning your yacht charter vacation

get ready to set sailPlanning and orchestrating an enjoyable yachting vacation getaway, on your own, requires a lot of research, scheduling and thoughtful consideration. Beyond the immediate concerns of when the best time is to sail to your destinations, what type of yacht will be best for you and your guests, how many people will be on the yacht; there are many other documentation, itineraries, and inexperienced unknown factors to consider.

Compass Point Yacht Charters has had over 15 years of direct experience! Our expertise will help you get the most out of your yacht charter. Our experience will help you choose the right type of yacht (power yacht, catamaran, monohulls, gulets) and partner you with the right involvement level (bareboat or crewed).

We match your interests, expectations, and vacation requirements to customize a wonderfully unique yachting experience. Your ideal adventure may be to relax and have a vacation where someone else takes the helm; prepares meals for you and your guests; seek local historic landscapes; explore each island and cove for hiking, snorkeling or kayaking. Whatever your perfect vacation is; Compass Point Yacht Charters will personally walk you through each stage and customize your yacht charter vacation specifically for you.