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The difference between a crewed, bareboat, captain only, and cabin cruise charter?

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Crewed Charter

These are private charters with at least two crew members to serve you and your guests. There is a captain and chef/mate on yachts under 75 feet and more crew on larger yachts. The crew will caters to your needs on-board by preparing meals, serving drinks, sailing and navigating the yacht and many other essential functions.
Compass Point Yacht Charters will be your liaison with the crew in designing an itinerary based on your preferences and desired activities. The expenses for crewed yacht trips vary and depend on the yacht, level and type of service, and the port of destination. Our years of hands-on experience is the differences between the perfect getaway or just simply sailing on a yacht for vacation. Most rates will include three meals a day, snacks and beverages including a standard ships bar. On most larger yachts, motor and sail, there is an Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA); this is roughly 30-35% on top of the charter rate. Contact our consultants for more details...

Bareboat Charter

You are the captain of the yacht! It allows you and your crew to have complete control over the sailing and handling of the yacht. To be responsible for the yacht as the captain you will need to have a fairly robust sailing resume to prove your capabilities. If you have some experience, but it has been a while since you've sailed, most yacht owners will put a "friendly skipper" aboard for a day or two. This will familiarize you with the yacht and sailing area. If you prefer to hire your own skipper, prices generally range from $125 to $250 per day. We have a great list of Captains we use exclusively for our guests. Bareboat chartering allows you the ultimate private sailing vacation, and is more affordable than other options.

Captain Only Charter

This type of charter offers a relaxed time aboard with the option to be at the helm if you desire. Many crewed charters offer a less costly captain-only option. On larger yachts, a ship mate will be required to assist the captain. No chef is provided with the ‘captain only charter’; you are responsible for preparing meals, beverages, providing all other the provisions. It can be a way to try the sailing lifestyle with a captain who knows the cruising area while keeping expenses slightly lower.

Cabin Cruise Charter

This type of sailing option means you will be renting a stateroom or cabin on the yacht. Cabin guests can vary in age and demographics. In some cabin cruise yacht charters you may encounter all guests on-board are strangers meeting for the first time. While on other cruises, you may find the majority of guests know each other as they would be sailing with friends and family.

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