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How do we choose the best crewed or bareboat charter for us?

We do all the planning, research, scheduling and phoning around for you; a task that would overwhelm the average sailor. There is no extra charge for our service, we lobby for the best charter price and pass the savings onto you. We listen to what you want, what you like to eat, where you want to travel, how you like to have fun with your family and friends, and we match your preferences with the right yacht, and crew for the right price.

We will ask you a lot of questions to assess your interests and needs:
green tick sm What is the purpose for your yachting trip?
green tick sm Is this a special event, an anniversary?
green tick sm Do you like nightlife or are you an early morning riser who would prefer dinner on the yacht with a nice glass of wine at sunset?
green tick sm Are you interested in diving, snorkeling or learning how to sail yourself?

Yacht charter and planning is all we do, every day. We base our recommendations on our personal hands-on experience. Our consultants not only have 15+ years’ experience in sailing yachts to many well-known and unfamiliar ports, dining at destination restaurants, snorkeled with advanced divers; but we also visit yachts and crews every year. Compass Point Yachts stay up-to-date with the condition, specialties and quirks of yachts and their crew.

If you are looking to reserve a bareboat charter, we can discuss the condition of the yacht. Each yacht has a different service level and execution.


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