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What should we pack on our yachting vacation?

Travelling in the Caribbean and in other warm climates; general pack casual wear, mostly shorts and T-shirts, and of course swimsuits. A few of the more formal restaurants require long pants and collared shirts for the men and a nice sun dress for women, but "smart casual" is the norm.
Pack your sunglasses, polarized are especially recommended on the water, and don't forget sun glasses for children and caps to further protect from the hot rays of the sun. Flip flops or other casual beach shoes are fine most of the time. If you plan to hike the trails you may want to bring some closed-toed shoes, depending on how serious you plan to get about your walks. You may need some long pants, long sleeves and jackets in cooler climates.

Only bring soft-sided luggage, such as a duffle bag, since space is limited and storage is easier with this sort of luggage.

You can bring your own mask and snorkel, if you prefer, but all yachts carry an assortment of sizes. If you are expecting to scuba dive, check with your broker to make sure the right equipment on board for you. Most yachts carry sunscreen but we recommend you bring your own as they may not have the brand you like and the protection level you want. In many locations your proximity to the Equator will make the sun strong and young skin can get especially burned so pack an extra bottle or two.  We recommend you do not use oily lotions as they stain upholstery and can make the decks and hand holds slippery.

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